Despite what many think, switching your pet to a raw meat diet can be easy for both of you.

Our feeding guide will help you determine how much and how often to feed your pet, and the Eureka! packaging is simple to handle and store. Eureka! will make mealtime something for you and your pet to get excited about!

Transitioning To Raw Foods

Transitioning your dog or cat to a raw-meat diet is far less disruptive than many believe. For trouble-free transition to Eureka!, phase it in over a short period of time.

Simply substitute 10% of the original food each day with the Eureka! formula until the full meal has been replaced. If your pet is accustomed to “free feeding,” or having food in his bowl all day long, he will quickly realize the new schedule and come to appreciate the new, healthier option! 

Older pets and finicky eaters may need more time to fully transition. Cats can be particularly picky as well.

Eureka! Bite

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit—they prefer to be fed the same meal at the same time in the same place every day. As mealtime approaches, you’ll notice your pet looking for their food bowl. Erratic feed times can disrupt their mood and appetite, so consistency on your part is key to gaining their trust.

Feeding Guide

Eureka! raw-meat formula is highly nutritious and free of fillers like vegetable protein and grain, so your pet’s serving may be significantly smaller than before. We recommend you start with 4 oz. per every 10 pounds of body weight per day (or 0.4 oz per pound). Adult dogs can be fed either once or twice a day, three times daily for puppies. This serving is ample, even for very active dogs, as Eureka! is concentrated nutrition. Based on your observations, adjust up or down, inactive dogs will likely do well on less. For overweight dogs, feed half this amount until desired weight is achieved, then increase slightly to a maintenance level.

Dog Weight Food Patties
5 lbs. 2 oz. .5
10 lbs. 4 oz. 1
15 lbs. 6 oz. 1.5
20 lbs. 8 oz. 2
25 lbs. 10 oz. 2.5
30 lbs. 12 oz. 3
35 lbs. 14 oz. 3.5
40 lbs. 16 oz. 4
45 lbs. 18 oz. 4.5
50 lbs. 20 oz. 5
60 lbs. 24 oz. 6
80 lbs. 32 oz. 8
100 lbs. 40 oz. 10
More than 100 lbs. 40-48 oz. 10-12

Education and Research

Raw-meat diets are no new fad to the animal kingdom; just ask a pack of wolves. Although your pets may not be roaming the Alaskan wilderness, their dietary necessities have not changed dramatically. However, we’ve been conditioned as pet owners to believe that wanting to play fetch or chase a ball of string means that our pets should eat hard dry pellets instead of the meat that their bodies are designed to digest. Eureka! gives your pets the opportunity to eat as they were designed to eat. You’d be amazed at the effect on their mood, coat, and excitement about dinnertime. 

What is a Raw Diet?

A raw meat diet mimics what carnivores, dogs and cats, would eat in the wild - uncooked meat, no grains, no vegetables. Your dog’s or cat’s digestive system is exactly like its wild counterpart, and 99.8% the same genetically. Any type of processing destroys essential amino acids and enzymes that are necessary for you animal. The effects of feeding a raw meat diet may include: cleaner and whiter teeth, healthy skin and shinier coat, decreased body odor, higher energy level, less stool volume, excitement for meal-time and less time and money spent at the vet.

Why Raw?

Conventional pet food is loaded with fillers like vegetable protein, grains such as corn, wheat or rice, and artificial additives and preservatives. Due to spoilage problems, the natural fat content required by dogs and cats must be kept low.  It may contain “beef” or “chicken,” but this can mean hooves, feet, lung, heads, tails and other scraps that contain little meat protein. It is usually formed into bite-sized kibble, loaded with preservatives, and baked, zapping the last of any remaining nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. It’s like fast food for animals.

It has been suggested that over time, conventional pet foods may cause health problems such as diabetes, skin irritations, obesity, loss of appetite and bad breath. This breakdown in health is alleged to alter the DNA of your pet and, if bred, may even pass chronic disorders and genetic defects to its litter.

Feeding your pet a Eureka! raw-meat diet may help correct many of these ailments. Our standard formulas contain only muscle meat, so it’s like feeding your dog steak. We don’t add cheap fillers like vegetable protein or grains to our standard products, and we never add preservatives or other artificial ingredients. We package our formulas in their natural, raw state because it’s the healthiest, most natural option for your pet.

Our recipes were created by a wildlife biologist, zoologist, and chemist, Eureka's founder and owner, and have been sold for over 30 years.  Seventeen of the top twenty Iditarod dog racers feed Eureka!.  Our artisan formulas were refined and perfected by observing generations of canines eating only this food.  Eureka's founder closely studied skin, teeth, energy level, stool production and overall health throughout these generations of animals.  Each formula contains a unique blend of proteins, fats and other essential nutrients to optimize the health and well-being of your pet.  They contain no artificial preservatives or additives.  Eureka! has been tested by the canines of yesterday to sustain, nourish and heal canines of the future.  Our formulas are time-tested and proven.

Is Raw Right for Your Pet? 

Many opponents of a raw-meat diet base their arguments on theory and supposition, having never fed or actually observed the results. So we encourage you to look to your pet for answers. Replace their usual meal with a Eureka! formula for two months and record the results. Take before and after pictures in similar lighting conditions. Consider your pet’s mood and physical appearance. Notice how your pet produces less stool, the whiteness of its teeth and color of its gums, the change in skin disorders and how their overall digestive health improves. With over 30 years of experience of formulating blends for dogs and observing the results, we are confident you will witness the benefits yourself.


Success Stories

Please feel free to share your pet's transformation.

I have three dogs that have been on Eureka for about 5 months now. Each one has blossomed in varying ways, and they love the food! Percy, my fawn Pug used to have a dry, coarse coat, after a month on Eureka, his coat became very soft and shiny. After 2 months, he became much more playful and just seemed happier. He stopped chewing at his paws, and gets so excited at meal time, he spins around in circles until I feed him! My senior dog, Reggie, a 14 year old Lhasa Poo had skin allergies that have literally disappeared, and he sleeps a lot less and plays with my younger dogs. Pepper, my black Pug has the shiniest coat I’ve ever seen! She used to be hungry all time because she could only eat a tiny bit of kibble to keep her weight down. Now she is lean and fit, and rarely begs for food anymore. After many years of feeding lots of dogs, I can say this is the best food I’ve ever fed my dogs!
— Sharon, Pennsylvania
I manage a vet clinic and often bring my neighbors dogs in for care. One day, while driving with a Westie named Omar in my car, his breath was so bad I had to roll my window down! I had recently started feeding my own dog Eureka and his breath no longer had an odor, so I suggested to the owners of Omar to try Eureka. That was 2 months ago, and I am telling you there is a big difference, there is barely any odor at all now. Omar was also on a liver cleansing medication. 3 months prior to starting Eureka his blood work still showed that his liver was congested. Since he started eating Eureka we have retested his blood work and his liver values are normal. He has been taken off the liver cleansing medication! We are now carrying the food at the clinic, and all the vets are very impressed with the results.
— Michele, Washington DC
My Labrador, Tule, is now 13 years old. She has arthritis and dysplasia. Those conditions have been progressing in recent years. She gets supplements, adequan injections, and massages to help manage those conditions. I started her on Eureka in August of 2010. Immediately, her coat improved. It is shiny and soft again. She also has more energy and seems more mentally there. She still gets fleas, but rarely ends up with hot spots since she’s been on the Eureka. Her teeth are the real difference. She had a lot of tartar on her teeth, being 13 and never having had a dental cleaning. Within the first month, her teeth looked much better. Now they are in excellent condition and her breath is much better. 

Tule also used to vomit a lot, she had done so for many years. I found I had to buy her a pre-biotic supplement to keep her from vomiting. After changing over to the Eureka, I have been able to eliminate that supplement altogether. That alone saved me $17 a month plus shipping. She has only vomited on rare occasion now, and there is always some other factor involved that causes the vomiting. Since she has more pep, she’s been more active and has appeared to have gained a bit of muscle mass back. I am sold on the Eureka as her only food. 

I like that I am only paying for this mixture of meats and vitamins and minerals. I have fed several other popular raw products, but they all had vegetables included and less protein by far than the Eureka. In fact, none of the other raw diets had the amount of protein in the grain-free kibble I feed my other 2 labs. If I am going to feed raw, I do not want fruits and vegetables mixed in. I can add those myself. I did not want to “go raw” by buying the meat myself. I don’t like handling raw meat and I was unsure of what other supplements I would have to add and when. Eureka has done all that for me. I just take some chunks out of the freezer, let them thaw, and feed them. They resemble very finely ground hamburger and are easy to store. I don’t need any other supplements than the joint supplement I feed. 

Another bonus is the reduction in the “output” from my dog. When grains and other fillers are removed from the dog’s diet, their stool becomes a lot smaller. I noticed a reduction in stool size when I changed over to grain-free kibble, the size decreased again when I switched over to Eureka. It’s like I have a 15 pound poodle in the back yard, not a 60 pound labarador! A nice bonus! I want to provide my dogs with the best food I can afford. The Eureka is the best food I have found so far.
— Jane, Florida
My 3 1/2 week old puppies beginning the weaning process onto Eureka! They love it. Mom was fed Eureka her entire pregnancy and is doing wonderful!
— Stephanie, Wisconsin
Your web site says that Eureka is AAFCO-compliant for all life stages for dogs AND CATS. How about having some lovely raw-fed cat photos here? My cats are now eating Eureka almost exclusively, and are doing quite well — except that they are starting to refuse their other raw food!
— Catriona, Xi-Gua Siamese, Colorado
This is a great food, I believe that it took my shelter dog, who had the worse teeth that the vet thought we need to have a few pulled, his skin had some sores from allergies, his coat was good, but not great. He has been on this food for about 1 1/2 years now, his teeth have strengthened to the point that they no longer will be pulled, his allergy sores are completely gone, this happened within 2 months, his coat is soft and fluffy. We tried taking him off of it for two months and he reverted to almost where he was before we started him on Eureka. He is back on it and the happiest 7 year old mutt.
— Julie, Pennsylvania
When I rescued my dog Snickers he was 5 years old and had a mouth full of brown teeth. My vet said he would likely have to pull several teeth. After some research I learned that the raw enzymes in uncooked meat can actually clean a dog’s teeth. I started feeding Eureka, and within weeks I started to see the tarter lessen! I was amazed at the results. He also gets very excited about meal time and dances with joy when I pull the pack out of the freezer!
— Julie, Pennsylvania
Beginning the week after purchasing my labradoodle began with vomiting and diarrhea. Tried every dog food that was suggested by the vet and trainers to no avail. At 9 months of age underwent surgery for bloat, continued vomiting. Finally I was told about Eureka, which has saved my dog. No more vomiting or diarrhea. His coat is soft, and his teeth are clean with no tarter. Thanks again Eureka for this wonderful product.
— Mary, Pennsylvania
I’ve been feeding Eureka to my dogs and wean my puppies on it. My cats eat it also. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I recommend it to all my puppy families. Nothing better. Here’s a picture of my latest litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies. She’s been on it for 2 years and they will be weaned on it. So happy!!
— Sandy, Lakeside White Goldens, Wisconsin
There is a history to this food. Older sledders remember this food as “The Hobgood Mix”. You won’t know about this fine product except word of mouth. There’s very little on the web as sledders sled not post. What you WILL find are some very happy long term users who have serious working dogs. While fluffy will do wonderfully well on Eureka, the “Hobgood Mix” keeps our German Shepherd working dogs fit and beautiful. The puppies explode with energy, not hyper, and even our old girl comes in to eat lunch now. Our dogs have never been so excited for dinner. It IS an event.
— Geo, Turks & Caicos Islands